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Cellular Reprogamming laboratory welcomes Nguyen Van Troi and Bao Loc high school students

On 10 & 11 /2/2023, the first trip of the New Year high school students have the memorable journey to experience “one day” becoming a University student. On this occasion, they also visit Cellular Reprogramming Laboratory to understand some of the research projects being conducted there by thesis students and researchers, as well as the practical uses of biotechnology.

At CRLab, Mr. Dinh – a Ph.D. student at School of Biotechnology – International University introduced some techniques applying such as Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) technique using at an Infertility Hospital, Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT), 8-cell biopsy, and the application of SCNT in the preservation of endangered animals, and human therapy or using transgenic cloned animals to produce some modified protein.

Nguyen Van Troi high school students listen to technology.

The High School Students observe the Thesis students doing experiments

 Following the trip of Nguyen Van Troi High School, students from Nha Trang Province, Bao Loc High School also creates a chance for students to approach the university environment by visiting several departments of IU. Similar to NVT high schools, Bao Loc High school students also visit CRLab and observe many biotechnology-related topics, including the method of cell reprogramming as explained by MSc. Dinh.

Students listen carefully about some projects and techniques done in Lab

Students are so happy with the interesting trip

After the trip, we hope students will have the most preparation for the next important journey !!!