11/03/2019 Mr.Pham Minh Chien

Mitochondria-targeted DsRed2 protein expression during the early stage of bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer embryo development.

Park HJ1, Min SH2,3, Choi H1,4, Park J1, Kim SU5, Lee S4, Lee SR5, Kong IK6, Chang KT5, Koo DB7, Lee DS8
Ms. Vo Hoang Nguyet Dan 

Oocyte-secreted factors in oocyte maturation media enhance the subsequent development of bovine cloned embryos.

Su J1, Wang Y, Zhang L, Wang B, Liu J, Luo Y, Guo Z, Quan F, Zhang Y
Ms. Nguyen Thi Nghia

Melatonin supplementation during in vitro maturation of oocyte enhances subsequent development of bovine cloned embryos.

An Q, Peng W, Cheng Y, Lu Z, Zhou C, Zhang Y, Su J
18/03/2019 Mr. Nguyen Ba Tu

Development of porcine tetraploid somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos is influenced by oocyte nuclei.

Fu B, Liu D, Ma H, Guo ZH, Wang L, Li ZQ, Peng FG, Bai J


  Ms. Nguyen Le Anh Thu   

Sperm-borne miR-449b influences cleavage, epigenetic reprogramming, and apoptosis of SCNT embryos in bovine

Mengyun Wang, YangGao, Pengxiang Qu, Suzhu Qing, Fang Qiao, Yong Zhang, Jesse Mager & Yongsheng Wang

  Mr. Nguyen Dinh Viet Linh   

Improves the In Vitro Developmental Competence and Reprogramming Efficiency of Cloned Bovine Embryos by Additional Complimentary Cytoplasm

Lianguang Xu, Ayman Mesalam, Kyeong-Lim Lee, Seok-Hwan Song, Imran Khan, M.M.R. Chowdhury, Wenfa Lv, and Il-Keun Kong