02/08/2018 Mr. Le Ba Anh My 

Latrunculin A can improve the birth rate of cloned mice and simplify the nuclear transfer protocol by gently inhibiting actin polymerization.

Terashita Y1, Wakayama S, Yamagata K, Li C, Sato E, Wakayama T.
09/08/2018 Mr. Dao Quang Tri 

Hypertonic medium treatment for localization of nuclear material in bovine metaphase II oocytes.

Liu JL1, Sung LY, Barber M, Yang X.
23/08/2018 Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Van 

Inhibition of the ubiquitin-proteasome system leads to delay of the onset of ZGA gene expression.

Shin SW1, Tokoro M, Nishikawa S, Lee HH, Hatanaka Y, Nishihara T, Amano T, Anzai M, Kato H, Mitani T, Kishigami S, Saeki K, Hosoi Y, Iritani A, Matsumoto K.

Mr. Giang Trung Hieu 

Effects of the timing of cumulus cell removal from bovine oocytes on enucleation rate and subsequent development after somatic cell nuclear transfer.

Akagi S1, Shiraishi T, Somfai T, Kaneda M, Haraguchi S, Watanabe S