June – 2016


02/06/2016 Le Thu Hoai Impact of insulin concentration and mode of FSH addition on the in vitro survival and development of isolated bovine preantral follicles
R. Rossettoa, M.V.A. Saraivab, M.P. Bernucic, G.M. Silvaa, I.R. Britoa, A.M.C.V. Alvesa, D.M. Magalhães-Padilhad, , , S.N. Báoe, C.C. Campelloa, A.P.R. Rodriguesa, J.R. Figueiredoa
Huynh Khanh Dang In vitro maturation and early developmental capacity of bovine oocytes cultured in pure follicular fluid and supplementation with follicular wall
Natalia V. Colemana, , , Galina A. Shagiakhmetovab, Irina Y. Lebedevab, Tatiana I. Kuzminab, Alexander K. Golubevc
Pham Truong Duy Beneficial effect of resveratrol on bovine oocyte maturation and subsequent embryonic development after in vitro fertilization
Wang F1, Tian X1, Zhang L1, He C1, Ji P1, Li Y1, Tan D2, Liu G3.
09/06/2016 Phung Ngoc Minh Doan Effect of fetal bovine serum and estrus buffalo serum on maturation of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) oocytes in vitro
Gopal Puri, S. S. Chaudhary, V. K. Singh, and A. K. Sharma
Truong Binh An Treatment with protein kinase C activator is effective for improvement of male pronucleus formation and further embryonic development of sperm-injected oocytes in pigs
Nakai M1, Ito J2, Kashiwazaki N2, Men NT3, Tanihara F4, Noguchi J5, Kaneko H5, Onishi A6, Kikuchi K7.
Le Kim Thoai Effects of reaggregated granulosa cells and oocytes derived from early antral follicles on the properties of oocytes grown in vitro
Oi A1, Tasaki H, Munakata Y, Shirasuna K, Kuwayama T, Iwata H.
16/06/2016 Thomas Leferink Equivalency of nuclear transfer-derived embryonic stem cells to those derived from fertilized mouse blastocysts
Wakayama S1, Jakt ML, Suzuki M, Araki R, Hikichi T, Kishigami S, Ohta H, Van Thuan N, Mizutani E, Sakaide Y, Senda S, Tanaka S, Okada M, Miyake M, Abe M, Nishikawa S, Shiota K, Wakayama T.
Pham Khanh Linh Steroid hormones promote bovine oocyte growth and connection with granulosa cells
Makita M1, Miyano T2.
Luong Tran Hoang Linh Effects of caffeine, cumulus cell removal and aging on polyspermy and embryo development on in vitro matured and fertilized ovine oocytes
Maalouf WE1, Lee JH, Campbell KH.
Thai Thi My Linh Generation of cloned mice from adult neurons by direct nuclear transfer
Mizutani E1, Oikawa M2, Kassai H3, Inoue K4, Shiura H2, Hirasawa R2, Kamimura S4, Matoba S2, Ogonuki N2, Nagatomo H5, Abe K2, Wakayama T5, Aiba A3, Ogura A6.
23/06/2016 Nguyen Thi Huynh Thu Effect of sperm entry on blastocyst development after in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection — mouse model
Karolina Piotrowska-Nitsche  and Anthony W. S. Chan
 Le Ngoc Bao Tran Hypoxanthine promotes the Acquisition of Meiotic Competence in Pig Oocytes from Early Antral Follicles during Growth Culture
Sadanobu Moritake1), Yuji Hirao1) 3), Takashi Miyano2)
30/06/2016  Ho Thi Thanh Nhu Influence of bovine serum albumin and fetal bovine serum supplementation during in vitro maturation on lipid and mitochondrial behaviour in oocytes and lipid accumulation in bovine embryos
Del Collado M, Saraiva NZ, Lopes FL, Gaspar RC, Padilha LC, Costa RR, Rossi GF, Vantini R, Garcia JM.
 Co Ngoc Anh Khoa Production of Cloned Calves Following Nuclear Transfer with Cultured Adult Mural Granulosa Cells
Wells DN1, Misica PM, Tervit HR.