March – 2018

01/03/2018 Ms. Tran Hoang Lam

Acetylation level of histone H3 in early embryonic stages affects subsequent development of miniature pig somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos.

Yamanaka K1, Sugimura S, Wakai T, Kawahara M, Sato E.


Ms. Ho Thi Kim Ngan

Alternative Routes to Induce Naïve Pluripotency in Human Embryonic Stem Cells.

Duggal G1, Warrier S1, Ghimire S1, Broekaert D1,2, Van der Jeught M1, Lierman S1, Deroo T1, Peelman L3, Van Soom A4, Cornelissen R5, Menten B6, Mestdagh P6, Vandesompele J6, Roost M7, Slieker RC8, Heijmans BT8, Deforce D9, De Sutter P1, De Sousa Lopes SC1,7, Heindryckx B1.
15/03/2018 Mr. Ngo Cao Hoang Long

The expression patterns of DNA methylation reprogramming related genes are associated with the developmental competence of cloned embryos after zygotic genome activation in pigs.

Huan Y, Wang H, Wu Z, Zhang J, Liu Z, He H.
 22/03/2018 Ms. Bui Ngoc My An

Mouse Ovarian Very Small Embryonic-Like Stem Cells Resist Chemotherapy and Retain Ability to Initiate Oocyte-Specific Differentiation.

Sriraman K, Bhartiya D, Anand S, Bhutda S.
 Ms. Nguyen Hoang Kieu Linh

Zygotic Genome Activation in Vertebrates.

Jukam D, Shariati SAM, Skotheim JM.