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Derivation of oocyte-like cells from putative embryonic stem cells and parthenogenetically activated into blastocysts in goat Hruda Nanda Malik, Dinesh Kumar Singhal, Sikander Saini & Dhruba Malakar

Establishment of mouse embryonic stem cells from isolated blastomeres and hole embryos using three derivation methods Sheyla González & Elena Ibáñez & Josep Santaló
Production of transgenic cattle by somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) with the human granulocyte colony-stimulation factor (hG-CSF) Bruno P Carvalho , Andrielle T M Cunha, Bianca D M Silva, Regivaldo V Sousa , Ligiane O Leme , Margot A N Dode,, Eduardo O Melo .
Phosphorylation of histone H3 serine 10 in early mouse embryos: active phosphorylation at late S phase and differential effects of ZM447439 on first two embryonic mitoses Marta Teperek-Tkacz, Maciej Meglicki, Michal Pasternak, Jacek Z. Kubiak &
Ewa Borsuk
Role of astaxanthin as an efficient antioxidant on the in vitro
maturation and vitrification of porcine oocytes
De-Cai Xiang , Bao-Yu Jia , Xiang-Wei Fu , Jian-Xiong Guo , Qiong-Hua Hong , Guo-Bo Quan a, Guo-Quan Wu
Effect of various co-culture systems on embryo development in ovine B. Heidari, A.Shirazi,M.-M. Naderi, M.-M.Akhondi, H.Hassanpour
, A. Sarvari, S. Borjian1 hondi/publication/286112008_
Optimum culture duration for growing oocytes to attain meiotic and
fertilization competence
Takayuki YAMOCHI, Shu HASHIMOTO, Masaya YAMANAKA, Yoshiharu NAKAOKA and Yoshiharu MORIMOTO,
Development of Monozygotic Twin Mouse Embryos from the Time of Blastomere
Separation at the Two-Cell Stage to Blastocyst
Mika Katayama,3,6 Mark R. Ellersieck,5 and R. Michael Roberts2,3,4,6