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The 2018 IU Summer Camp

The 2018 IU Summer Camp is held by the International University, VNU.HCM from August 7th to August 10th, 2018. In this event, allowed the students experience of university life as well as facilities and job prospects. The first day at the School of Biotechnology.

They are very excited to discuss the big bang explosion that formed the universe and the big bang explosion formed their bodies.

Prof Nguyen Van Thuan was giving a lecture on ICSI and embryonic development

With an aim to give the students the most exact view of Biotechnology, lab activities included both general presentation and actual experimental procedures in order to help them figure out their interests, inspiration as well as future orientation.

The graduate student was introduced to different methods on Embryology

At the end of the day, they have also handled cellular-level objects and practiced cellular nuclear transplants, which are thought to be only available in laboratories at Harvard University or Tokyo University. But at International University they can look and do the same thing. I wish you are going to happy and exciting the next day at IU, a meaningful summer for your students.

A graduate student was introducing the technique SCNT for students.