Master Student from Cellular Programming Laboratory win the “Outstanding Presenter at the Conference”at “National Conference On Biotechnology 2023” in Hanoi

The graduate students and undergraduate students of the Department of Biotechnology, School of Biotechnology, International University participated in the “National Conference On Biotechnology 2023” in Hanoi

On October 6, 2023, the Institute of Biotechnology in collaboration with the Association of Biotechnology and the Vietnam Association of Biological Sciences organized the “National Conference On Biotechnology 2023” in Hanoi. The event attracted the participation of scientists from leading Research Institutes and Universities in Biotechnology.

 Figure: Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students from CRLab attended conference

On this occasion, graduate and undergraduate students had the opportunity to share their research by submitting full papers published in the conference proceedings and presenting their research posters related to cell reprogramming, embryonic stem cell and cloning embryo,….

   Figure: Master student Huynh Nguyen Loan Anh presented her research at Animal Biotechnology Subcommittee

Among them, Huynh Nguyen Loan Anh was honored as one of the two outstanding presenters, winning the “Outstanding Presenter at the Conference” award for her presentation in the “Animal Biotechnology Subcommittee” with the topic “Characteristic of preimplantation development of Biopsied blastomeres derived from different stages and intact embryos in the mouse”.

                  Figure : Excellent presenters were awarded by organizer