Bovine Embryo Transfer Seminar At International University

On September 2023, at the International University, some experts from America organized “Bovine Embryo Transfer “seminar with the attendance of CRL members,  Nong Lam University, an expert from Vinamilk company and other units,….

The Bovine Embryo Transfer “seminar is an occasion for CRL members and other unit members can share experiences in  ET cow with some experts from the American Embryo Transfer Association.

Figure: Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Thuan welcomes guests to the Embryo Transfer Seminar. 

In the seminar, Dr. Kevin introduced the development of Dairy Farming in America and advance of using Embryo Transfer (ET) Technique in Dairy to improve and maintain genetics in Dairy. Moreover, He also shared some experience in ET such as determining the location of the Corpus Luteum, the position of putting embryo in the uterus horn,…

Figure: Dr.Kevin shares experience in the Embryo Transfer Technique

Dr. Brady had a presentation about the application of cloned embryos, and IVF embryos in research and commercial. He also recommended the time for embryo transfer by determining the heating stress of estrus cows.

Dr. Brady introduce the process of produce difference kinds of dairy embryos

We really appreciate valuable information from the America Embryo Transfer Team !!!