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The 1st International Conference on Cell Reprogramming and Reproductive Biotechnology

The 1st International Conference on Cell Reprogramming and Reproductive Biotechnology (The 1st CRRB) hold on 27-29 June 2018 at International University (IU) – Vietnam National University – HCMC and provided a great opportunity to bring together experts in Animal Cloning, Stem Cell Technology as well as Assisted Reproductive Biotechnology around the world. They were:

(1) Prof. Teruhiko Wakayama, who created Culumina, the world’s first cloned mouse in 1998. (2)Prof Il-Keun Kong, who created the world’s first cloned cat and transgenic cat. (3) Prof. Atsuo Ogura, who created the world’s first mouse by ROSI technique. (4) Prof. Nguyen Van Thuan, who created the world’s first cloned inbred and other leading experts from Korea, Japan, China, and Vietnam.  

Delegations from different parts of the world participated in the 1st CRRB

On the sidelines of the conference, we also had a poster presentation section where graduate students presented and discussed the latest research what they have been undertaking. This section was very interesting and exciting under the evaluation and grading of experts.

The exciting academic activities were been held at the poster session

4 awards for The best Report Publisher of the Poster Session: Nguyen Huy Hoang, Nguyen Hoang Kieu Linh, Naoki Hirose and Kazunori Magara, taken with Chairman Assoc.Prof Nguyen Van Thuan

In addition to these activities, we organized a Demo session for professional performance of ICSI, SCNT and Embryo Fusion at Cellular Reprogramming Laboratory (LA1.710) to introduce students, colleagues in this field know the techniques that we have mastered.

Other activities included a field trip to visit the Yuri-Farm, where the research farm for cloned bovine embryo transfer. A banquet and social events were also organized to introduce to the international guest’s Vietnamese culture.

Prof Thuan had introduced the Yuri-Farm for the International guests

A lovely memory  trip to the Vung Tau beach

The 1st CRRB organizers would like to thank you for the following sponsors: The Ministry and Science & Technology of Vietnam under grant number ĐTDL.CN-49/16.